Let Us Pretend We've Got It Together


My dreams stumble and fall on piles of bones and I follow them, deep, so deep the light coming through my windows don't reach me. I land on desperate, dry fields under a sullen sky with blood on my clothes, ash on my hands, and only then do I feel content. I peel off my skin only to find out that nakedness is an illusion. Flesh and bones only matter as long as you're not crumbling, and I feel gravity weighing on my limbs, tearing me from the inside. Cracks like thunder reverbate in my skull and my eyes water. A spasm runs down my spine and I dissolve through the earth. Waiting for the ground to swallow me I never feel alone. The sun pierces through heavy clouds and I wake up, confused, scared and lonely. I yell through the void that I will come back, when I've finished haunting the streets and tiring out the pavement, I will come back. Where I belong.

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